Program Outcome:

  • Understanding of the latest concepts and techniques of Healthcare management and their application in making the managerial roles of the participant efficient and effective.
  • Capability of analyzing, diagnosing and solving operational problems in the delivery of healthcare system and hospital services.
  • Adeptness of appropriate strategies for effective planning, designing, implementation and evaluation of institutional and community based health and family welfare program.
  • Wisdom for using the application of quantitative and qualitative analytical tools as applicable to health and hospital management related problems.
  • Capacity to understand the economies and societal problems in healthcare delivery management and adopt methodologies of health/hospital management training and develop skills with focus on strategic responsibility for training and human resource development for ever demanding health care delivery.
  • Broadening the outlook and capability of students about the larger background and context of health care management in their historical, sociological and cultural framework.
  • Logistics expertise to promote the efficient and equitable allocation of resources and development of strategies to promote affordable quality health care.
  • Financial knowledge and aptness in use of application of scientific approach to reduce cost of care through better material and money management.

About the Course:

Masters in Hospital Administration MHA course is designed to build knowledge and skills to facilitate high performance as professionals in hospital Management, both in the private and government sectors. The syllabus and course content are designed keeping in mind the dynamic and demanding requirements of the healthcare industry.

The main objectives are:

  • To develop knowledge and skills in planning, building and managing healthcare organizations.
  • To enhance administrative competence and decision making capability of the students to enable them to face challenges of the healthcare industry.
  • To participate and contribute to the formulation of solutions to the public health problems prevailing and to recommend in framing of better policies.
  • To promote knowledge through practical exposure and through applied and conceptual research relevant to Healthcare management and to disseminate this knowledge through publications.
  • To collaborate with other institutions in India and abroad for furtherance of professional exposure.
  • Institution building in a meaningful manner through Management education.


  • Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science, (RGUHS)
  • Recognized by the Government of


2 years (4 semesters)

Dissertation & Internship:

Each student is required to submit a dissertation involving primary research in his/her area of interest. The dissertation includes a critical review of literature pertaining to the specific area of interest, data collection and analysis on the selected problem. The dissertation must be completed in the second year to qualify for the degree.


  • MHA courses are unique and one of the earliest program in creating healthcare Leaders. Diverse mix of subjects in order to gain overall knowledge in the field of Healthcare Management,  Curriculum has been designed with inputs from industry experts


All the students qualified from Padmashree College of Hospital Administration have been successfully placed in various Healthcare Organisation across the country and abroad in various positions. Many students after completion are working in Central Govt sponsored Health Schemes such as NRHM, NUHM as implementation officers, District Coordinators, State Coordinators and are instrumental in implementation of NABH Quality Guidelines in several State Government Hospitals such as Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology, KC General Hospital and in the process of implementation  at  Tumkur District Hospital, Bijapur Govt Hospital, Shimogga General Hospital etc.


  • Refer the admissions page for more information.


  • Hospital Organization & Management Theory
  • Management of Hospital Services & Patient Care Management
  • Research Methodology & Operations research
  • Accounting in Healthcare
  • Epidemiology & Health Administration
  • Hospital Specialty Areas & Medical Terminology
  • Bio-statistics & Quantitative Techniques
  • Financial Management in Healthcare
  • Health Economics & Health Insurance
  • Materials &Inventory Management in Healthcare
  • Human Capital Management & Industrial Relations
  • Hospital Information System & Medical Records Management
  • Hospital Planning & Operations Management
  • Marketing Management in Healthcare
  • Legal Aspects in Healthcare & Business Ethics
  • Hospital Hazards & Disaster Management
  • Quality Management in Healthcare
  • Strategic Management & Project Management
  • Entrepreneurship & Consultancy Management
  • Internship
  • Dissertation